I heard the the hype – I tried it – I hated it! My mind raced and I felt dumb. Meditation seemed pointless.

Then, six months of intermittent and frustrating practice later, something clicked. I started to “get” meditation. Like learning any new skill, I had to get over the learning-hump for the upside to kick-in.

Now I believe the hype, here’s why:

1) Deep focus. I learned to slow my mind for deep thinking. When I do this, I make better decisions. I center on one thing and I do it better.

2) Letting go. My racing mind feels crazy! I stopped making myself wrong as my head filled with hundreds of random thoughts. I learned to let go and gently refocus. There is more room in my head when I let go of the guilt.

3) Hearing my intuition. I learned to quiet down the noise and ask myself “What’s important here?” I learned to pinpoint the feeling of my intuition in my body and listen to it. My intuition is a powerful perspective when I listen to it.

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Tried meditation? What did you learn?

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