• Successful Tech Entrepreneur (Grew $0 - $400M)
  • Certified Professional Coach (ICF, CTI)
  • Clients in New York, San Francisco, Europe
  • Coach to Entrepreneurs, CEOs, VCs
  • Former Technology Consultant (Accenture)
  • Competitive Cyclist & Former Ironman Triathlete
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Being a coach is an honor and a privilege. I'm fortunate to have a ringside seat watching the most inspiring men and women risk it all to grow their business. I get to see their struggles and triumphs, their breakdowns and breakthroughs. I get to see who they really are. And I get to feel deep pride when I help them along the way.

My dream is that my clients soar! That they learn to trust their intuition, to conquer their fears and to lead with joy. My dream is that they build a great business AND lead a fulfilling life.

Let's talk ~ I can't wait to be in your corner!