Don’t beat yourself up over a mistake – build yourself up instead.

Made a big blunder? Pissed someone off? Messed something up royally?

Regret is one of our most powerful emotions. It can be a wonderful guide in our life, as long as we use it for good.

Ask yourself these 4 questions to coach yourself through a mistake:

1) What’s the upside of making this mistake?

This is hard at first, but keep searching – there’s always a silver lining no matter how badly you screwed up!

Is the upside an opportunity to demonstrate humility? To learn a powerful lesson? An opportunity to create a deeper relationship? More conviction in pursuing a different goal?

2) What’s my learning here?

What have I learned about what’s important to me? What value of mine did I break? Why is this value so important to me?

Lock in your learning. Try writing down this sentence: “I did _____. I learned _____. And in future I will ____.”

3) What can I do to make amends?

What can I do that I have not yet done? Who needs an apology? How can I demonstrate that I have learned and will be different in the future (even if it’s to myself)? How will I make a bad situation just a little better?

4) Who will I be in future?

What kind of leader/ person am I now that I’ve learned this? What am I determined to do differently? How will I remember to be this person?

I hate regret and I love regret. Regret reminds me of my most important values and it reminds me to live them.

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