Don’t move to Canada! Ask yourself these 5 questions to come to terms with President Trump.

Shocked? Despondent? Angry? Elated?

Yesterday America elected a President who has been deeply divisive. These 5 questions helped me to coach myself and then others through the change, no matter which way we voted.

Grab a pen and write down your answers:

(1) “How do I feel?” Imagine that your feelings are inside a container. What kind of container is it? Reach in and pull out the different emotions. Write each feeling down. Get them all out, ask: “What else do I feel? And what else?” Pay attention to the emotions that surface after the initial rush.

(2) “What do I not know?” What outcomes are you expecting? How certain are these outcomes? What are you assuming to be true that is actually still unknown?

(3)  “What do I need to accept now?” What do you need to accept about the way the world is now? The way people are? The way you are? Whether it is right/ wrong/ good/ bad – what do you need to come to terms with?

4) “What resources do I have?” What will you rely on? What strengths and values are dear to you? What people/ support systems/ inspiration will you need to connect with? What has helped you through times of big change in the past? What do you know about yourself that cannot be changed by the election?

5) “What’s important now?” Who do you want to become now? How do you want to look back on your response to this election? What do you want to focus on? What do you want to give up?

OK, now that you’re done writing, two bonus questions for you:

(a) What do you notice now?

(b) What will you do differently?

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